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shift gets real

shift gets real with powerful and shifting conversations from the mindware of dimitri and ashley snowden.

everything will be talked about, infidelity, ego, parenting and everything in between.

shift gets real is a podcast started june 2019.

how it started

ashley snowden

dimitri snowden®

In early 2009 Ashley worked as a K-8 teacher in center city Indianapolis. During the school year, Ashley’s computer seemed to always be “broken”.  Coincidently, Dimitri owned a technology firm that provided IT services to Ashley’s school. 

Like a scene from a predictable love story, the frequent support tickets for Ashley’s “broken” computer led the pair to become closer.

Before getting too serious, Dimitri shared his personal vision and version of a family unit – polygamy.  Tri-lingual, well traveled and equipped with a Masters Degree in Anthropology, Ashley wasn’t surprised and further supported the vision.

From that moment on Ashley and Dimitri dedicated themselves to each other, rising to excellence and actualizing the shared vision for a plural family. 

Ashley and Dimitri currently have 3 children and live in Los Angeles, California.