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Russ Parr Morning Show with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden


We’ve all heard of the practice of having more than one wife. It’s commonly known as polygamy and usually popular among white people. However, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are looking to change that stereotype as they’re Black and seeking another wife.

The Snowden’s are a part of the TLC show called Seeking Sister Wife that follows the journey of many families looking to live this lifestyle.

Seeking Sister Wife follows the search of three different families as they are looking to add an additional wife or bring that wife into their family,” explains Ashley.

It’s common to hear about men adding wives to the family, but not so common to have women adding men to the mix.

“I have not considered bringing in a husband because I’m not interested in having multiple husbands,” explained Ashley.

Her husband Dimitri added, “As well if you have a husband or have a brother husband as some people call it, it’s no longer polygamy. It’s polyandry, so it’s actually a whole new relational construct.”

The Snowden’s have three children together. Looking for another wife is one thing but having to explain it to your kids didn’t seem too difficult to Dimitri at all.

“If you don’t have to explain monogamy then you don’t have to explain polygamy,” he explained.

Catch their show Seeking Sister Wife on TLC Sundays at 10/9 c.

Listen to the interview here:

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