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“Seeking Sister Wife” Exclusive: The Snowden’s Break Down Their Blended Family Bliss

Dimitri, Wife Ashley & Girlfriend Vanessa Talk To BOSSIP

They are the breakout stars of “Seeking Sister Wife,” TLC’s reality show about families involved in a polygamous lifestyle.

And Dimitri Snowden, his wife, Ashley, and his girlfriend Vanessa understand that their situation may be the first time many viewers have gotten up close and personal with a plural marriage involving people of color.

Ashley said the family decided to participate in “Seeking Sister Wife” in order to teach others about the way of life as well as counter inaccurate perceptions about polygamy.

“We’re a young family and it’s not necessarily the most appreciated family dynamic,” Ashley told BOSSIP, “(but) after mulling it over, I thought it would be helpful to others living this way and to educate, people because there’s a lot of misinformation around what it means to be a plural family and we were hoping to eradicate that.”

Despite objections from their family and even strangers, Ashley, Vanessa and Dimitri have no regrets and now live as a family in their adopted city of Los Angeles. Dimitri and Ashley are continuing to court Vanessa, who said she decided to act on her curiosity about plural marriage after seeing the Snowden’s on the show’s first season.

“It was a unique and interesting way to create a family,” Vanessa said. “I loved living with my friends that are girls…polygamy is the best of both worlds. (Ashley and I) “will always have each other if this works out, and an awesome husband if it works out.”

Dimitri also revealed what a typical morning was like in the Snowden household: he said he and Vanessa are up at 5:45 am to go to the gym. They come home, clean up and make breakfast while Ashley wakes the children. Ashley said they also try to give each other space for alone time and to work on their individual projects.

And when it comes to jealousy, both Ashley and Vanessa said it’s not an issue, and Dimitri said he constantly works to create a home environment where both women get lots of attention.

“I’ve always lived with the mantra that if I’m happy and whole, me sharing the happiness and wholeness doesn’t take away from me,” Ashley said.

Vanessa agreed.

“There’s nothing to be jealous of because I am getting it all, and so is she,” she said.

Dimitri said some advice for men who were considering having more than one wife – and it boiled down to telling the truth and being financially secure.

“My simple advice is that you’ve got to be honest,” Dimitri said. “You’ve got to be transparent. You’ve got to be clear, and own that honesty.”

He added: “Make sure you have the fiscal means or a plan or two or three to be able to support this type of life. This is is not the type of life to do without a plan or if you’re broke.”

“Seeking Sister Wife” airs Sunday nights on TLC.

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